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Paul Goldfinger is a Brooklyn-based bassist, teacher and recording artist.  Paul began his music education at the age of seven, learning drums with acclaimed Jazz performer Scott Goulding and cultivating a deep understanding of rhythm at a young age.  He went on to study bass with master musicians Jim Guttman, George Muscatello, Todd Coolman and Larry Grenadier.  In the summer of 2019 he attended the famed Skidmore Jazz Institute.  


Known for his versatility and theoretical knowledge, Goldfinger has spanned genres ranging from modern jazz, funk, indie pop, math rock, and bluegrass.  He has performed and/or recorded with a wide array of bands and artists including the Shiri Zorn and George Muscatello Trio, Peter O'Brien, Campo, and Clifford the Band.

​Paul's curiosity and passion for music have driven him to a deep study of theory, harmony, and rhythm.  He meets students where they are in their musical journey, and is proficient at tailoring lessons to meet their needs.  Goldfinger seamlessly weaves the concepts of mindfulness and music together, fostering a unique and enjoyable experience for his students.

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